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Fun and interactive music-maker

Incredibox is a music software from So Far So Good that lets users create their music with the help of a merry band of beatboxers. Part game, part tool, this multimedia app creates a good combination of audio and visual experience. It offers the right mix of music, graphics, animation, and interactivity that is ideal for users of all ages. And because it makes music-making fun, entertaining, and educational, this app is also perfect for use in schools.

Drag and drop your beat

Incredibox prides itself on being an easy-to-use app, so simple that even kids can use it. To create your music, you only need to manage a group of beatboxers. The app offers seven impressive atmospheres that you can choose to explore. And from there, you can get to make your own.

The app supports the drag-and-drop mechanism for easier mixing. You only need to drag and drop different icons to the members of the beatboxing team. These icons differ in every musical variation. Some include wacky hats, sunglasses, and other items that dress the characters they used.

As you drag and drop icons, the beatboxers will, little by little, sport funky outfits and make unique sounds in rhythm with their beatbox mates. Note, however, that the only instrument at play in this app are the characters’ mouth as beatboxing is solely based on vocal percussion.

Icon by icon, you can explore various combos and create various music. You can also unlock animated bonuses and fine-tune your mix. Along the way, you can also swap out new sounds, mute the ones you currently implement in the set and switch to an alternate set. Once you’re okay with the mix, you can record them and share your creation with other users. Who knows, your track can become one of the Top 50 charts.

Unique musical experience

Unlike other music apps and even music games, for that matter, Incredibox is unique in the sense that it lets the users explore a less conventional form of music. With this, they can discover new and exciting ways to mix sounds. More, they can enjoy a sound experience that lets them contribute interactively.

Another thing that might draw you to use Incredibox is the fact that it is a high-quality app with quite an intuitive design. It offers several nuanced ways to use the beatboxes, such as creating solos or pausing them. More, the app provides a short tutorial that clarifies all its niceties.

As mentioned, once you are happy with your mix, you can go ahead and record them. Incredibox will then give you a link where you can listen to the recorded music. Users have the option to share them with the Incredibox community or post them to their social media accounts. If you wish to listen to pre-existing tracks, there is an Automatic Mode function, which plays unique mixes at random.

Mix your beat

All in all, Incredibox is a fun app to have if you are an aspiring DJ or into beatboxing. The app simplifies the process of music mixing and presents it in a way that even users of younger age can learn. More, with its cute animation and graphic design, it can also be enjoyable. However, as the instrument is limited to beatboxing, this app cannot cater to music aficionados who are not really into this kind of music.


  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple mechanics
  • Makes mixing music unique and fun
  • Outstanding design


  • Can become repetitive
  • Limited to beatboxing only


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Incredibox 1.1.4 for Mac


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